If you are interested in evaluating the MeasureOD® System — our software programs have been written to allow them to run in Simulation Mode. Simulation Mode consists of the following features:

  • Utilize the MSPECIFY® software utility program to define and modify test configurations
  • Run the MeasureOD® System without being connected to hardware. In this configuration, the software executes normally but the data generated by the Laser Micrometer interface is simulated.
  • Utilize the MDATA® software utility program to review and reprint Lot History Records generated by the MeasureOD® System
  • The test configurations that are developed in DEMO mode may be used fully when you decide to purchase the MeasureOD® System.

2015.11.01 Virtual Mode Example
To participate in this program, the following steps are required:

  • Obtain and install MeasureOD®, MSPECIFY®, and MDATA®  software programs from the DOWNLOAD page on this website.
  • Install the MySQL ODBC driver (software and installation instructions are on the DOWNLOAD page). If you are installing the software on a CathCAD® licensed computer there is no need to install the MySQL ODBC driver as it will be already installed.
  • Contact us at and request a DEMO mode setup. We will create the necessary databases and provide you a User Access Code within 24 hours.